I GOT A JOB, hell yea!

Hello guys! I got a developer job at a start-up!!!
I am so excited, I’m starting monday. I didn’t even finish full FCC path,but, I’m in the final phase of Google’s nanodegree so learnt a lot there and also learnt a lot on my own too. It took me around 6-7 months to get where I’m at. However,i had a balance,some days i would study for 6 hours,some days i would study for 10 minutes.
I’ll be on a 3-month trial and if im good they are going to keep me :slight_smile:
I am so happy right now but i have a problem aswell, I do have impostor syndrome like i feel i won’t know to do what they ask me haha


Congrats :slight_smile: I just started my FCC,hoping to get a job in a year or so. Wish me luck !!

Congratulations! I hope you’ll stay a member of our community and share your new professional perspective with campers who are still beginning their journey.

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Congrats! :raised_hands::sparkles::raised_hands:

Congrats! As to impostor syndrome, remember that there 3 types of experts:

  1. Primary expert - knows the answer
  2. Secondary expert - knows where to find the answer
  3. Tertiary expert - knows who to ask for the answer.

Accept that as a junior dev, you are expected to live “fuzzily” in the Secondary Expert stage. If you got a React job, you should already be Primary in the basics, know how to use the documentation effectively, and if you get stuck (and after exhausting level 2), know how to ask politely - remember, your time is the company’s money, and if just asking gets you progressing, it’s probably cheaper than paying for you to feel inadequate about hitting a wall (a very common thing in coding).

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Congratulations! It does pay off if you focus, so STAY FOCUSED!