I got a Job - My personal story

I’ve been working as a front-end dev for 2 months. I’m late, I know. Sorry.

I live in Brazil. The demand is huge and there are a lot of opportunities, firstly because of the area itself. Secondly because a lot of good programmers tend to leave Brazil leaving positions behind all the time.
I started Architecture in 2011. Changed university in 2014. In the mid, I started to learn programming. In 2016 I finally left my course to dedicate to web development only.

Learning to code is always great. In my case, my motivation was my wife. She is a developer for more than a decade and convinced me that I’d be a great programmer and would really enjoy to code. I don’t know about the first part.
To leave my course was not easy at all… well, for my family. All this “self-taught” thing is not that understandable for people in general yet. Now it’s all okay. It’s also a matter of good arguments.

freeCodeCamp was the way to go, no doubt. Other fonts as well, reading and practicing everyday, Udemy, videos, whatever else. Everything much probably counts and I like to absorb from every source I see.
After getting the front-end certificate, I applied a lot. And like happened with almost everyone, I received a lot of "No"s. It’s normal. I knew it was likely. Every “No” was followed by the thought “right, I’m going to rest and try again”.

There are companies like this and like that. Some asked me a lot about API, other wanted to make everything with React, some asked me a lot about nothing related to programming. Sometimes I had to made some cool tests, and so on. Always depends on the context.

I was always being honest and true about everything.
“Yes, I already made some application using it.”
“No, never used it, but it would be very cool to finally apply it and learn even more. Or better saying, finally know what it really is”
“This word really exists?”

I was hired by a company that do everything with Wordpress and Magento. I superficially knew Wordpress and nothing about Magento. PHP? Zero. Well, I was being hired as front-end, not back-end or similar. And who cares? 2 months now and I learned a lot of PHP and WP architecture.

In the interview, my boss was there and said: “I can see you are proactive, hardworking and open to learning. I really liked your profile and that’s what we need”, even after I said I know almost nothing they were using.

At work: I abandoned Bootstrap and jQuery for a while and I’m liking it a lot. Because I’m diving deeply into the languages (CSS and JS). It’s my choice. I’m always weighing things and considering every situation. Everything is going well. I really love what I do and the company is really great.

Well, that’s it, long story short. I don’t want to to paint a giant wall of repeated inpirational words.
But it’s true and always good to emphazise that you must not give up. I hope you also get there, no matter what.


that’s so great man, best of luck in your future endeavors and have a good one.

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Congratulation to you and wish you to continue this success.