I Got Hired as a Web Developer


Included links for the profiles to be mentioned below.

I never thought I’d be posting here but I’m sure happy I am.

So yesterday I got an interview for a position as a full stack web dev and today I got an email saying I got the job.

Things I did that helped me to land the job:

  • Advanced courses (lots of them). This helped me get deep knowledge of the tools and technologies I use. Certificates are a plus. (My Udemy Profile)
  • Build a nice well-formatted resume. I spent a week doing research on how to build a good resume, event spent $ on a resume builder.
  • Prep for the interview process. Asking key questions can make it or break it.
  • Have a GitHub account with projects to showcase. (My GitHub Account)
  • Have a personal website with projects to showcase. (My Personal Website)

Example of questions:

  • What are the day to day responsibilities of the position?
  • How’s the culture?
  • Where’s the company heading in 5 years?
  • Are there career paths?

Good luck and happy coding!


Congrats :tada: :tada: :tada:

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Hey man, congratulations.
What are the advanced courses you are talking about here?


Congrats @anon18913258 :smiley::tada:

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Hello, and congrats! Did they ask you to code/fix anything to prove your coding skills? Also any reccomondations for courses? Apart from freeCodeCamp, I also do udemy.

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Congrats Bro!!! Keep reaching for the sky.

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Congratulations! Now the real challenge begins, don’t be afraid to ask questions, admit mistakes (you will make them), and have fun learning!

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Congrats! :tada: :tada:

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Can you share your profile page with us ???

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Checkout the post update.

More than asking me to code, they asked me technical questions.

From what I can remember, these are some:

  • Where do scripts go? (Depends if the script needs to be loaded before the body. Usually before the closing body tag)
  • Difference between == and === (one does type coercion)
  • Difference between SQL and No-SQL.
  • What does it mean for a database to be a relational database?

For courses, check the post update.

Check the post update.

Very important advice. Thank you!

Wow I got 3/4 of those same questions: