I got my first Dev Job!

Hey fellow campers!

I just wanted to share, after many many job applications, an internship and a couple freelance projects, I have finally been invited to an interview and received a job offer the same day. I am so excited and just wanted to share with others who could appreciate it.

I look forward to expanding my development knowledge and gaining experience through a full time job instead of just trying to cram a little bit of code in my free time.

What are some helpful tips you all have for me?
What can I expect going into this full time commitment?
Any advice?




Wear pants. Humans are uncomfortable around the pantsless.

Fulfilling work (hopefully), and the satisfaction that you’ve accomplished a great thing.

See above re:pants.

Oh, and congratulations! You’ve earned it!


Lol. Thanks! I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my pants on all the time but I’ll try. :wink:

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Don’t joke. I use to work with a guy who use to wear short-shorts to work. Plus go around the office without shoes. The manager was too weak to say anything.

I was in sharp contrast wearing my tie, and dress shirt and slacks everyday.


Congrats :slight_smile: :+1:

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great stuff man. good luck with your new job and wish you all the best! :slight_smile:

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Congrats to you - well done!

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I adamantly disagree with @PortableStick regarding pants. Fight the pantatorship!

Congratulations @neecholaus and good luck on this new phase of our journey!

The first advice that comes to mind for a new Jr. Developer is (a) don’t be afraid or wait too long to ask for help but (b) take the time to become familiar with and understand the resources that your coworkers give you. No one wants you off struggling on your own, but they’re not going to love sending you a link to the same internal Wiki every day either.



I would suggest you to read this book in your spare time (https://www.manning.com/books/soft-skills). This will help you to deal with non coding aspects that a software developer has to deal with.


Can I ask what resources you used in addition to FCC? Also, how far along are you in FCC?