I got my first job..and i need some feedback..please


I got my first website to built as a freelancer and I really need Your feedback. In one moment I think the site is great and in another is bad, so please every advice it will be great for me.


I’m a noob but I’ll be honest: I like it. :slight_smile:

Just check the space between the 2nd picture on your OUR VENDING MACHINES section. I’d add some more space after it.

If the requirement for the website was to make it responsive, then you need to put some more work into it. On a mobile device, I can not see the majority of the page. The whole right side gets cut off.

My plan is to show him first this site and then make it responsive.I just want to know what people think about design on site.

Thanks man. I notice that space,too

You need to check the spellings.

“Mashines” should be “machines” and “testemonials” should be “testimonials”.

Thanks, but what you think about a design?