I got problem with the questions i answered

i have this problem, that after im done answering some questions when i came back again the question i answered , are back to square 1

can you describe some more?
do you use the “Submit” button? do you get any error?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to say, but it sounds like you’re having trouble with your freeCodeCamp progress? You must be signed in for your progress to be saved and you have to submit each solution after the tests pass. If you have a program that aggressively cleans your browser cache, you will have to sign in again frequently.

Also you said;

Did you sign in with the same account?

i sign in again , they were back to normal

i guess so, just started yesterday(problem). but after i sign in again they went back to normal

yes , i hit the submit button every time. I was surprised when it happened but after i sign again they went back to normal

yes i did, sign with the same account