I got stuck and I can't do the 25 + 5 clock project

The 25 + 5 clock is the last project of Front End Development Libraries Projects. This project is very hard to do!!. I try it with my self. I asked questions on different communities such as freeCodeCamp and site point. I got stuck and I did the project again from scratch. I did the project again by watching a 25 + 5 clock tutorial on YouTube and play/pause the video and coding with the video. After I finish the tutorial, I feel that I don’t understand very well and I can’t do the project again with myself!!

I don’t know what should I do and what to do next!!!

Hi @abdulrahman.mhd.anas !

That project is hard for a lot of people including myself when I did it.

The hardest part for me was the accuracy of the timer.
Everything appeared to work in my eyes but if there is a slight delay in the timer then the tests will fail.

My advice is to leave it alone and come back to it later.