I got take home React + Material UI project

Guys i need help with this, because i don’t really know React, and i didn’t put it up in my portfolio but this company still gave me an phone interview and take home project. To make things clear, I don’t want to get a job, my goal is to get a technical interview just so i know for next time. I would appreciate help, repository is on link here

I think it’s a great opportunity for you to start learning React, isn’t it :slight_smile:

You can start here
And then move to here

If you have any particular problems with the code, feel free to ask for help here on forum!

Good luck!

Surely you are not suggesting he gets someone to do his take-home assignment for him?

He won’t learn anything doing that, the employer won’t learn anything about his skills, and if he does get a technical interview based on the work it won’t be much fun for either party (it would be awkward at best).

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Sorry, I get it that was bad advice, I am taking it back. but as he said he do not want to get the job an just want to see how things and technical interview work so I gave such answer.

@ddanilovic I would recommend you to start learning React js from Scrimba.com Free ReactJs course. Link here
I had completed my React course from this site and that I moved to thisMaterial UI Playlist:
Link here

This is just my path and that helped me a lot.