I GOT THE JOB. One month in a ReactJS dev position

hi GUYS!

just wanted to share my excitement as i just managed to be in my new role as a reactJS dev in this job that I absolutely adore. Company is called Pounce and it’s a contractor role for a software startup in Dallas, but I actually enjoyed and CRUSHED the interview process…
it’s in GUadalajara, which is mexican silicon valley, perfect weather and THRIVING in opportunities.
React is booming in GDL and now am making use of Maximillian Schwarzmuller’s fenomenal course to learn it in depth.
I could not be happier for how the FCC community helped me, without me going throgh the algorithms challenges i wouldn’t even have got the chance to do as good as I did…
Thanks FCC!!!


Congrats! This is great news.

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yes it is thanks!
just keep on truckin’! and you’ll get the job.