I had 60+ day streak going. I login today

I had 60+ day streak going. I login today and some of the days I had on my calendar are now wiped out? I assume it’s because you made changes to the curriculum? But I get penalized for it? That makes no sense.

Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp community~!

Sorry to hear you’re having this error. Would you mind sharing the link to your freeCodeCamp /learn profile?


As far as I know, the only change to the curriculum that would break a streak would be the removal of a lesson, which we have not done (that I saw).

If I were to take a shot at the cause… Do you, by chance, work on the lessons late at night? It might have been a date/time change issue (I see it happen to my own streak on GitHub).

Yeah, I considered that but I wasn’t sure why it’d happen now and not a couple weeks ago when the clocks changed.

But that definitely could be the case as I try to do it most days right after midnight.

where can i see my streak .i cant seem to find it below my profile

Hi @veloce!

You need to set your heat map to public.

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I’m sorry, what is strike? Why would you have one? I thought you can work with your own rhythm here, can’t you?

sure you can work at your own rythm, do not worry about that

thanks! i can now see my streak

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So it actually had to do with my computers time. I updated my time and my streak is back. Sorry!

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Glad you got it solved! Happy coding! :slight_smile: