I hate JSON so much! .. little help with parsing?

tryin to remove the bloody anchor from this string…
“Full Forecast at Yahoo! Weather”

tysm for any help…

a Challenge that is killin me

I guess I am confused. Is there anything in that description string that you can’t get out of other data in the data object? Instead of using that descriptions string, you can just build your own. It seems that that is going to be a lot easier and trustworthy,

@Xiija I don’t understand your question. Could you elaborate more on what the description string is? What do you mean by data object? It sounds like it’s a generic parameter from a Jquery .getJSON() callback function

@DanStockham - I think you were responding to my reply - at first I accidentally did it as an edit over the top of the OP, causing your confusion.

Apologies, that was intended for the OP.

Yes, I understand, I just think you were confusing my reply for the OP - I had incompetently edited the OP when I meant to reply, making it look like my reply was the OP. Your response seemed to be responding to my false OP. Completely my fault.

$.getJSON(getWeather, function(data, status, xhr) {
  $('.two a').attr('href','')

Found the answer, had to remove the anchor and get the substring
BEFORE the stringify … ty all for help :stuck_out_tongue:

Close Enuff

:: the original problem was the description field was not an object, but a string?.. dunno ::
thanks @Xiija