I have 8 years of break. Very hard to get back. Where to start

Hello Everyone,
I took a break for kids and it was too long. Everything is changed so much in IT. I am trying to learn new and go along but no luck so far. I have a past experience in Deployment area but that’s also changed the way it works. I don’t have experience with new technology. Please advice me which area should I focus or certification or rookie experience to get in the job market.


Which technology were you working on before the break ?

Check out jobs https://remoteok.com/ and choose one which interests you. There are tons of software jobs now a days but you need to pick one of the technology and put hard work to master it.

Thank you for response. I will look into it.
I have worked deploying application on .net, java , db on both linux and windows platform. It was used to be manual build and deployment but now is through the apps. I got theortical knowledge like azure and aws but lacking on hands on experience. That’s why I thought i should start into new area.

Manual builds are very very rare. Most companies do some form of automation for this task as to support deployments more often. However both .NET, Java are probably used a lot. Both of which have had updates and probably a few new features, but the underlying concepts are still the same.

You probably aren’t a rookie if you’ve done deployments in the past, but it depends on where your experience level as at before your break.

I’d consider brushing up on some courses on using these technologies if you are looking for a cloud based role.

Ultimately where to start depends on what you want to get back to doing. So far it sounds like your more inclined to an operations role if you have experience doing deployments.

In this case I’d look into the cloud in general, CI/CD concepts and DevOps.

There are lots of resources in those areas “to catch back up”. 8 years might be a lot in some aspects, but isn’t much in others.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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Thank you for guidance, will keep going in good spirit

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