I have a complaint and a suggestion!

Good morning team, please take this message as positive feedback.

I have been following this website for the past 2 years. Recently I got into Machine Learning with Python and found out that all the answers to the quiz below the videos are shown in the thumbnail of the video.

For instance, the question was about filling in the blanks in the syntax of creating training models. The answer was visible on the thumbnail of the video.

I have a suggestion, make questions in such a way which will force the learners to watch the whole video, understand it, test for themselves and then give the answer to that particular question.

I found this error in the Responsive Web Design too.
Thank you.

That is an interesting discovery. I believe it is a complete coincidence. The thumbnails are generated automatically by YouTube and I don’t believe the people who helped create the questions looked at the thumbnails.

But it is a good thing to watch out for when creating questions.

From what I understand, the ultimate goal is to get rid of those video lessons entirely.

No there is no need to remove the videos entirely. Instead ask the students some brainstorming type questions like with Python for Beginners, they ask the questions which is not related to the video, which means the student has to code, debug, compile and then give the answer.
This process will slowly build the foundation of a particular topic.

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