I have a difficulty with login, main course page dissapears when I log in

Hi! I’m making the JS and Data Structures Cert. and when I log in the page just disappears, shows me the page for a moment and instantly disapepars, just blank. But if I’m not logged in it will show me the page correctly.
Happens with two different browsers Edge and Firefox, using Windows 10, and on my Android too, (Edge).
I’ve been making excersises normaly, yesterday worked fine.

try clearing your browser cache and let us know if the issue persist

Sorry, I deleted a that part when I edited the post. I’ve done that before and did nothing. Besides it happens too on my Android.

Okay, I found out that only the Spanish version of the page do this thing. I don’t know what this means but well, I tell you what I could get.

Thank you for reporting this. We are able to reproduce the issue and are triaging.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience. This issue should now be fixed and functionality should be restored to our translated versions of the /learn pages. If you still encounter an issue, please be sure to clear your cache and refresh the page.

As always, let us know if there are any concerns.

The issue should be resolved by now.

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Yes! Thanks!
Have a nice sunday you all! =D


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