I have a ghost account with certificates

So I have this account where I have been doing the freecodecamp.org/learn certification courses. I got stuck in a challenge, so I wanted to ask a question about this and create a help post. So when I got the login box I tried both to use my username and email to login, but it kept saying there is no user with this credentials. So now I created a new account with the same email and username I hope to get some help to get my certificates to this account or merge these two accounts together. Fun fact is that I get certificates with that account without any problem…
Here is the link to that account - https://www.freecodecamp.org/garikhk

Now I am starting to think there are two different platforms for forums and for courses…

Yes - the forum is powered by a popular software called Discourse, and it has its own database and user account separate from the the freeCodeCamp.org/learn account.

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