I have a job entry exam - not realworld coding but "general programming logic" - how to prepare?

Hello my Freecodecamp friends! I need your advice/opinion!

As an older dude I finally have job interview, but I am not sure how to prepare for it. Job posting is for programming in one language, but the knowing of that language does not matter or is requirement to know for the interview for this job, it is explicitly said. It’s the first round, they do not ask any language, but general logic and concepts only!

In the interview there would be needed to -quote - “solve initial test of level of Prior programming knowledge (understanding of concepts) and logical answers and logical problem solving”. I do not have experience about this general coding tests, but I need to pass this written test to go the next round. The job is Java dev.

I can google this, but feel like Freecodecamp has many people that can help me with real world knowledge and show me the right direction. So, what is the best way to prepare for “general programming initial test, prior knowledge testing and logic solving” for my important first coding job as an older guy? I would not want to miss this and will do anything to prepare, it’s the dream job for me and I would like to prepare as much as possible, but unsure how the written test will look like. Some pseudocode? Anyone has experience with this? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

I’m not sure if this will help much, I’ve never done one of these interviews.

I think google put up a vid a few years ago that shows what to expect in an interview with pseudocode.
(15) How to: Work at Google — Example Coding/Engineering Interview - YouTube

It seems that its not so much the answers that are important but the thought process, how you break up the problem, questions you ask, your reasoning and how you communicate your thinking.

If you can find someone to practice with that are willing to give you constructive feedback it could help with the communication side :confused:

I’ve only had these a few times (always for companies that use Java heavily, always consultancies, go figure), for the logic question they’ll likely ask something that can be translated direct to {insert programming concept} but just requires you to figure out how to solve it logically. So for example, last question I can remember was iirc three people with different specific coloured hats one in front of the other, and the one in the middle knew what colour the hat behind was, hat to figure out what they said and why. As @Guided says they’re trying to see how you break down and think about a problem.

Personally I hate these questions (there’s normally a trick), and they seem like a filter for a very specific type of person, but :man_shrugging:t3:

Edit: ah here are, it was one of the hat ones here: Induction puzzles - Wikipedia

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Thank you all, if somebody has any more info, please write. I just hope this interview wont be the one “how I didn’t look that up before, now it’s obvious I should have known that” if I loose opportunity.

It will hopefully be more about how you try to answer the question.

Thank you all once more, if I need to close this please let me know. I would rather not to “pick solution”, solution is - google it and try different things I guess

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