I have a little school project - All feedback accepted

You can go to


The website should have a link to the source code on the footer!

Please give me any feedback or if you found any bugs on it. It would help me learn A LOT.
Especially designing the page because right now only the home page is designed. Any visual design feedback would be really appreciated!!



Your link appears to be broken.

owh my bad… here lemme fix it

Wow! This is very impressive!
You’ve done a great job here.

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  • You use <br> a lot in your HTML to force spacing. This is something you shouldn’t do. You should be using margin and/or padding in CSS.
    • Run your HTML code through the W3C validator.
    • There are coding errors you need to address.
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Great job
All the animations and interactive UI is awesome


Thanks a lot for the feedback… I’ll definitely work on that

It’s awesome dude, can you maybe show me how to ALL of that,lol? But anyway, it’s gr8 m8 ,well done.

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If you want to check the code, it should be in the footer of the page or you can go here:


I will make a lot of explanation comments in there

Hey, you’ve got a nice little project going here. Just wanted to offer some advice on a few things that jumped out at me.

  • The black text on dark blue background is hard to read and not accessible. You can check color accessibility at
  • Do not make the mouse cursor disappear when hovering over the menu links. It should be visible and should display as a pointer so people know that those are clickable.
  • Narrow your browser as far as it will go. I think you’ll see the issues right away.
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I’m still have to do that. I just kept forgetting

I see what you meant. Gonna fix it right away!

Thank you for the feedback

Well… I’m a beginner but that looks really good!!!

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Nice site, confirm you only used HTML, CSS, Javascript and jquery as the main code (read the behind the scenes page). It’s amazing! I don’t know how many years it’ll take for me to make that. And I’m just a little bit younger than you, I think.

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Thanks!!, yes I only used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Everything on the Behind the Scenes are JavaScript and CSS libraries that helps a lot. I’m currently trying to learn Sass, Bootstrap, and React.

With a lot of dedication, you can do this in just 1-3 months. Especially in these times, where you have a lot of free time

If you’re under 15, yes you are. I’m currently 15 1/2

Great work! I think some color combinations aren’t much pleasant. In the interactive section, the red color doesn’t go well. A little bit of letter spacing on the heading. The website is very cool just a little focus on the readability would make it perfect.

I’m fourteen :laughing:

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Good for you… You want to know a fun fact. When you are younger, it is easier to learn something new than when you are older, because your brain is still in the state of growing and implementing. So with time, you should be able to create something cool, real fast.

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That’s nice thanks :+1:

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Great site imo! Although I feel you would benefit more from using a sans-serif font. At least subjectively speaking, it would suit your site better.
And I don’t know if it’s my browser but the ‘Alert’ text box is completely dark brown in colour for me thereby making the text inside a little hard to read.

However, kudos nonetheless!!


The website looks great! I just think you should pick a better font. Google Fonts has a great collection and you should definitely check that out.

Also not a fan of the color scheme… Maybe something like this would help?

Great idea overall!