I have a question about atom.io if anyone can help

I have been using atom.io on my mac for about a week now and haven’t had any issues. However, the past few days this message has been popping up every time I try to open a project:

I tried both options and didn’t see much of a difference between the two. I’m just not entirely sure what the message means and which is the best one to pick. If anyone can help and maybe explain it a bit, that would be great :slight_smile:

It’s just weird because this didn’t start happening until about a day or two ago. And sometimes when it happens, it’ll crash atom.io and make it unable to close without a force quit. Is that a related problem or is there just something else going on entirely?

Thanks so much in advance for the help. I really appreciate it!

Did you try searching for the message?

It might be a bug, it might be a feature, I think it depends on a few things (settings, the last state saved, whatnot). It might just be that the starting empty project is seen as not saved so when you switch to a different project it asks you to save the empty project.

You can try clearing saved state, just read the warning first so you understand what it does.

Other than that I’m not sure. Personally I would suggest you check out VS Code, it is very popular and is updated and maintained regularly. It also has a huge ecosystem of extensions.

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Thank you for the help! I did try searching for the message but nothing really came up. I’ll try clearing the saved state and check out VS Code :slightly_smiling_face: