I have a question about codepen

Hi, I’m working on the weather app project, and I’m actually doing it in sublime text 3 and it’s split into several files, does anyone know how to use more than one javascript file or css in codepen? Or can I upload it to some other host? Besides codepen / sublime I also use plnkr, which allows me to use more than one JS / CSS file, I could upload it in plnkr or it has to be in codepen? thanks.

Codepen now offers projects that allows easily adding multiple javascript files. It’s great, but you’re limited to 2 projects in a free account.

Alternatively, you can use github to host libraries or reusable code and rawgit to link it (https://rawgit.com/)

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Thanks i didnt see the project part on codepen i Will take a look at it, y QUE VIVA ZAPATA!!!

You can also use GitHub or surge.sh to host your projects… Both free and very easy!