I have a question

Do you have to be a programmer in order to become a QA tester?

This quora post has a better answer than I can provide. Basically, yes you can! But you must understand user design principles, software requirements, etc.

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I was hoping so because I think my coding skills aren’t perfect yet so I was a bit disappointed with myself lol.
Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Np!! And don’t worry! My partner loves games but he’s not a coder yet I can’t tell you how many times he has found bugs or went on a tirade about how the game he’s playing has bad game design principles. He can’t code his own game, but he knows the theory behind it and that’s a powerful ability to have for companies that value user experience.

I am still a bit confused about what topic I should be focusing more, I know HTML and CSS but Javascript is really hard for me to understand…

hi there @chris.3!

I think that in order to gain better understanding, you should build and practice and practice and build more as much as you can
other suggestion- try to find some “head-first” books in the subjects and read them it helps alot, from my experience

Javascript is really hard for me too. I would like to recommend the book “A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript” by Mark Meyers. Through this book, I’m finally beginning to understand. Hope this helps!

Yes, You can, but it will be difficult to find a job as you’ll be struggling with people who do know programming.