I have a somewhat-promising interview on Monday!

I finally have a company that really seems interested in me! After four years of hard work, this may finally pay off!

They will be starting me off with code analysis. They stated they will train me in the process.

However, I am also very, very nervous. Theu use the ionic framework with Angular, and I have never touched Angular before. However, he did say that while looking at my projects, he seems confident in my skills. Should I be worried?


Worried about not getting the job?
Worried about learning Angular?
Worried about the interview?
What is the worst that can happen?

Do focus on the employer instead. Start interviewing the interviewer and get as much information you need from them. What the do and how they do it? What do they need? How can you help them? Being interested of the company you may be more relaxed…

That is what I do, and everybody loves to talk about themselves :slight_smile:

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Man for years is a lot of experience already. So no worries.
What is your stack?

@Hjb1694 Since they will train you in the process, nothing to worry about. You just to focus on and show pure interest to them and their process and projects. They just started to believe in the skills what you already have and that you have the ability to learn new skills fast that can bring value to them.


Just act confident no matter how you feel inside. Here’s to the best of luck!

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if you been coding for 4 years already i dont think you should be worried, learning ionic and angular is just another tool on the belt, it defo shouldn’t trouble you especially if you are already used to other frameworks.

would you be able to share your portfolio? i would love to see your projects as im still trying to get a job myself so it would be good to see what sort of projects you have made to get interviews.


I gave him a link to a web app I made for a client of mine:

I described the project and told him I have an admin panel for the owner of the biz to login and change some things.

I also gave him a link to my github repository:

He called me immediately and offered me an interview. It was right timing he said.

And no, I don’t pick up on new technologies quickly. In fact, I am SLOW at picking up new frameworks and it takes me a while to wrap my head around them.


hey thanks man for sharing, thats cool that you have a panel and that for it too so the guy can change things up for himself iv never done anything like that, im just looking into backend stuff now myself so i dont know much of how it works yet.

i seen you’ve used vue quite a bit too, i like vue myself i think its a cool framework, and every one has there own learning pace mate so i wouldn’t worry if it takes you a bit longer to pick things up, that just means that you have better qualities in other areas and this employer has noticed this too.
Im a really bad designer so when i make a project it can take me ages just trying to get a design i like, even picking an image for the front page take take hours lol, and in the end it never ends up how i want it to look, and this is hours and hours of trying different styles and images and all that and i just get so frustrated lol, so this is what im bad at when it comes to web development, my Achilles heel.

but i get better every time i make a project, slowly but surely i get better and im sure it will be the same for you mate, i wish you all the best on your interview :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think that is my biggest weakness too…developing something that actually looks good aesthetically. It took me forever to make snocream site look halfway decent. It still could look better in my opinion.


yeah sometimes i think its just our minds always thinking this could be better all the time, i think your site looks good i just think it looks like its missing something if you get what i mean, like something could be added to the front page so it scrolls for longer and not straight to the map? like another section of something

I’m sure you’ll pick up Angular and Ionic in less than two weeks. Congrats, man.

I really like your snocream website. It’s so cute! You have made me want to go to snocream sooo bad! But…I can’t :slightly_frowning_face: