I have about $800 in savings. What's a good thing to invest it in so I can become more employable?

The title says it all.

I figure I might as well put 10% of my income towards coding, since it’s an investment that will give me a higher income in the long run. (I may even put 15% or 20% in the upcoming months, since at the moment, I’ve been saving up for a couple of out of state trips)

I don’t necessarily have to spend it all in one place, but what are good things that I can use my money on to become a better coder and to be more attractive to employers?

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These days you only need time and motivation to become a programmer - assuming you have basic resources like internet and a reasonably good computer

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$10 Udemy courses.
Used books.


@P1xt made a great list here, and you don’t need much money to do it:


Well, $800 is more than enough.
You need a website that is done by you. Google on personal branding.
Certainly you will need a portfolio and FCC is so good at providing that.

I would say it’s not about money here, but more importanly about time. How much time can you invest in yourself? A friendly advice: never rush.

It is important to not let go of opportunities but it is much more important to discover a wider variaty of opportunities.

Forget all my thoughts above.

If you want a job, invest in yourself until you think you can hire you if you were hiring 1000 random people.

Make a good personal brand(website, social media, networks and such). Try to be more standing.
Most importantly keep working on your skills and think of making a good portfolio.
Bonus point: this one is tricky, if you land an interview… you better be fully prepared to impress people and tackle situations.

If I was you, I would use that money on a domain name, a hosting, a certification(maybe) and lots of books.

Good luck to us all.