I have almost 2 years of work experience as a developer. How come companies aren't biting?

I have been applying for new developer jobs. I have almost 2 years of professional work experience as a developer. I understand if I was brand new to development, and I was looking for my first job, but I have experience under my belt.

I am currently employed as a developer only making $45k/yr. I am wanting to see if I can score a better paying position, although I am happy where I am at now and it is not imperative.

How come employers are not biting when I submit my application?

Just “having 2 years of experience” is not enough to automatically get a job. It would be like asking, “I can hit the ball really far, why am I not a golf champion?” It’s important, but it’s not the only factor.

What does your resume look like? What market are you in? How many jobs have you applied for? What kind of jobs are you applying for? How do they relate to what you’ve done? Where are you finding the jobs? Are you networking professionally?

Personally, I found the second job (after two years) was much easier to get. #ymmv


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