I have an hover filter opacity on ul but how update on ul > li > a:hover filter opacity?


Like above I want apply that background: red; for example to update filter: opacity(50%); on ul with hover when hover on icons that way remove opacity from ul? Above example just change background to red but there still an filter: opacity(100%); that why not update ul filter opacity? set before? So i want to be red on hover and also filter: opacity(100%).

Any idea?

Thank you!

It looks like it’s already in place. What needs done? Like this? https://jsfiddle.net/dcjz5yav/

As you see is stay filter: opacity(50%); with hover from .div_plus_social:hover>ul. The red background is fine but filter: opacity(100%); is not apply from .div_plus_social > ul > li > a:hover

Ok, I see the ul is faded out. Like this? https://jsfiddle.net/jqz5sv2t/ There, that’s the right link.

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Yes! What you modify on it :D? the first selector?

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The top mainly. See, it’s on the li instead of the ul. And at the bottom, don’t know if it’s needed though, I added !important.