I have an interview and a coding test, but need some specific advice

Hey guys. I’ve been learning web development and object-oriented programming for about 2 years now. I’m currently in community college getting a probably worthless certificate in programming to have any kind of education to show an employer.

I’ve been applying to jobs for about a month now, mainly in the Springfield, MO area because that’s where I want to relocate. I haven’t gotten any response until this morning when a company from that city contacted me on LinkedIn after I applied and gave me the opportunity to do a quick coding test online through their website to make sure that I have the basic skills. I googled the company and recruiter and they were all legit.

The problem is that it is routed around PHP/Wordpress development, which is something I have very little experience in. I know that I would not be able to accomplish these tasks the way they need to be unless I’m allowed extensive googling, but this is the first time I have had contact with a programmer from the area and want to establish a good connection.

Should I just attempt to accomplish the tasks, fail miserably, but tell them that I don’t have much expertise in this area of development? Or should I politely tell them that I wouldn’t be able to do the tasks but have vast knowledge in other programming areas and would love the opportunity to help them if they have other positions and see if maybe I can get my foot in the door in another way? Or should I just ignore and continue to apply to things I know I’m more comfortable with? Thanks!

I think this is your best option. If you do it, failing miserably, they probably wont contact you again, likewise if you ignore them. But if you do the above, you have at least a chance for a way in, you wont look bad, and you wont be on bad terms with the company.

Here’s something you could use:

Hello <name of person>,
while I have extensive knowledge with <your_tech>, I’m not too familiar with wordpress and PHP. However, a great feat that programming taught me is the ability to learn; I embrace learning new technologies, and if hired, I would be useful to you in a matter of days. My other skills may prove useful to you as well.

Or something like that. Definitely don’t ignore them. You could also add something to your message suggesting they pass you on to someone if your skill set is something they’re looking for.

Best of luck!


Maybe you should go ahead attempt it? I don’t think it would hurt. You may be surprised if you get the job, and it’s much less technical than you thought. Then you have some experience under your belt.

I would do what @username1001 said, and tell them you don’t have experience in this realm and mention what you do have experience in.
I’d still attempt the challenge, because why not? The more you get to know the more “experience” you gain in the job search. Yea you might fail terribly, get no where and not be contacted again by the company, but thats ok, you did your best and need to keep moving along.

Don’t ignore recruiters, as you never know what one is offering, a quick message back is usually enough for most for jobs you aren’t interested in.

Goodluck :smiley:

Hey @KyleH94

It could be that they know very well that you do not have the skills to complete the task Maybe they want to see if you will at least try.

As others have said, be honest about what you know and what you don’t, but perhaps you have an opportunity here to show them you have some grit in the face of a challenge.

My input, accept only what you like. There’s nothing good about accepting jobs that we don’t like, done that and it was simple horrid…, btw what OO languages do you feel more comfortable?