I have been doing freeCodeCamp for a while now. It had taught me a lot! Check out my projects, critique appreciated

Free Code Camp is the best. I always liked coding but FCC put me on the right track!

These are the challenges I worked on till now.

  1. Tribute Page
  2. Personal Portfolio
  3. Ramdom Quote Machine
  4. Local Weather
  5. Wikipedia Viewer
  6. Twitch API

Any criticism is appreciated.

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Personal portfolio
Try adding cursor: pointer; to the items in the nav menu.
Menu icon on navbar doesn’t work on mobile.

Quote Machine
The change color button is nice.
I’d probably make the new quote button the first button on the list.

Weather App
Lots of nice stuff there :slight_smile:. I like the little compass.

I’m assuming the yellow progress bar tracks the time between sunrise and sunset. I don’t think it works for all locations. Right now it’s 8:45 AM here but the progress bar is about three quarters full.

Overall your improvement is clearly visible, as evidenced by your twitch app. You’re awesome! :thumbsup:

Very well done. I really like your wiki viewer and twitch viewer!

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Thank you for all your pointers! I will look into them! :slight_smile: