I have completed a small random quotes generator using react

Hi Everyone this is my first post here!!! i just created a small reactjs random quotes generator.
please check this link –> Quotes Generator <– and give feedback please :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going to be a bit hard here but, your site looks like the front of a fridge with magnets onto it. No worry’s just keep going you will get better eventually. :3

Hi @NazeemNato, welcome to the forums. As a suggestion, make the view height consistent. I shouldn’t have to scroll up and down on larger screens.

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You did a good job on the functionality, but the display and layout have some issues.
The page takes FOREVER to load the blurred image.
If the image is blurred, then what’s the point of putting it there? Please show the image if you want to keep it.
I like how the quote text drops a shadow on the background. good job on that.
At all else, great job.
The downloading part is really cool. I din’t know you could do that!

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using dom-to-image-more it’s easy to download a specific div

full code: https://github.com/NazeemNato/React.js-Random-Quotes

i used blurred images because of my :poop: css hahaha

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