I have completed all of responsive web design sections ,but I do not feel ready to get into the projects

so should I go into the projects or step back and restudy until I feel ready

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go ahead and test your skills. Its ok to try. I just finished mine today. first time I tried the web projects with testing. I felt the same way. So I started java algorithms and data structures one next. Did that. Then went to front end and realized imma have to do these projects to so I went backed and finished them . It was worth it .

Please message me anytime it is all super fresh In my mind right now.

Oh. And to get were you need to go for your project in case your codepen does not have a test checker. Make sure you click on the β€œhttps://codepen.io/pen?template=MJjpwO” (this one is for the Tribute page)link like second from the bottom of the project intro. (the long text with all the links and stories)
Hope this was helpful. You got this! :+1:

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When it comes to building actual projects, it’s common to never feel ready. Some things you just need to dive into and figure out as you go.

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