I have completed my calculator!

Dear friends! I am so excited to learn coding on my own with great support of freecodecamp, Please have a look at this http://codepen.io/pbweb/full/LkgJYv/ and tell me what’s doesn’t look or work as you excpected? Any bugs? Suggestions? Feel free to critisize. Thanks in advance!

Ps.It supports “traditional” opearational order: * and / have higher priority over + and -

It seems to me box shadow got broken on the way - pressed button is 2 pixels taller than non-pressed one. Disabling box shadow fixes this issue.
I’m using chrome.

Overall, I love it. Well done!

Thank you, Yuri. I will try to solve it now=)

I did a similar thing while working on buttons micro-project (studying Stylus pre-processor, basically) and I made it this way: when the button is not pressed, it has a box-shadow. When the button is pressed, box-shadow disappears (moves directly under the button). You can see the result in this codepen

I aimed to make a button that looks somewhat 3D. Its easiest to see with inverted style button. Feel free to use the code if you want.

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I wonder how much you were inspired by the calculator from the example. It looks the same. Have you really made it without looking at the code from the example? :wink: If so, chapeau bas.

thank you for the feedback=) When I was making my weather app - most of the time(probably a day) I spent on deciding how to organize my design - images, colors, fonts etc. It was not productive.And then when I got to calc app - I decided not to think much about design. Just copy existing and that’s it. Anyway - when I will work in the real envirounment - I will do the absolute majority of my work - according to spec.
And also it was very easy to copy the existing design(just google - how to add inner and outer shadows etc.)
The most challenging - was javascript part - in this step I learned a lot(about floating point number precision, throwing and catching exceptions in javascript).Big thank to freecodecamp and everyone involved!)