I have completed my first certification and portfolio! Feedback appreciated

constructive critcism is more than welcome
thank you

Something is off with the responsiveness for mobile. The menu headings are overlapping each other, and they cover the content when you scroll.

Great choice on the tribute and landing pages. Andrew Reynolds is a legend :grin:.

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oh yeah, I basically put no consideration into mobile format yet. @media is still difficult for me. I will fix it over time.

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I think you’re website has a lack of content. Maybe you should try to add like a part where you talk about yourself and maybe where you tell what languages you know

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My advice is to improve your projects details, like diferent fonts, improve your alignment its a good thing to do, try to read about colors, i do that long while ago then i improve my colors choices all thats its a good start and still practicing that is the best advice that i can give to you.
ps: Sorry if my text have some english errors, i’m try to improve my english without i have to use google translate to write my texts.

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Thank you for the advice

Thank you! I will keep that in mind

I have only been learning for two weeks, so my content is limited for now.


Yeah I see what you mean. But I really like the overall build of the website. Looks Great!

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