I have Completed the Documentation Page Project, Feedback is highly appriciated

I have completed the Documentation Page, Please Give some feedback.
Every Feedback is Considered and Highly appriciated.
Thank you… :slight_smile:

Documentation is supposed to be read by someone. Why would you add strange background and text effects that disturb the readability?

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@Purna-Reddy good work, layout looking nice but use light background color, your background color dominating the text, it is difficult to read the content

@Purna-Reddy That background color transition is ruining everything. Those effects on the Header is also bad. If you remove these two things then its a good site. It has good font-size for reading.

Thank you for your feedback.
I will sure make changes so that it will be easy to read…
Your Feedback Matters!!..

Sure pal, I will change the background effect and make that simple .BTW Thank you for your feedback

Yes your are correct. The background color transition is ruining everything, I will definitely make changes in the background…
Thank you for your Feedback

Here is the link to updated webpage,

Hey! Have a set bg color please.

Thank you for your feedback. The Updated web page link is…

Perfect nice job! I personally would put a lighter gray but that’s okay.