I have completed the portfolio looks(it's a replica of a sample portfolio)...but links of buttons like linkedin, twitter and other links doesn't work

please tell me what can i do for the links to work and the forms to take in values?

Do you have a link to your codepen?

oh…yes!! i just forgot to mention it…
here it is http://codepen.io/jamilwa/pen/MmOvbo?editors=1100

This should help you with that:

What do you mean by this?

EDIT: For the links to work in codepen, you will have to open them in a new tab (target="_blank")

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forms to take in values means the contact forms should be able to store values if any values are provided…i want to improve this portfolio like a real webpage

You would need some kind of service that would do this for you. Or you will have to build your own backend to store everything.

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thank you Ben…i’ll try implementing database for the forms to store values…
if u think there is something i need to improve on this portfolio,please let me know…
thanks again…:thumbsup: