I have created a listener and passed it to subscribe method, the test case is still failing

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Even after following the instructions and passing a listener function, the test case still fails saying There should be a listener function subscribed to the store using store.subscribe.
I have gone through the hint ,tried arrow and normal function.
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const ADD = 'ADD';

const reducer = (state = 0, action) => {
switch(action.type) {
  case ADD:
    return state + 1;
    return state;

const store = Redux.createStore(reducer);

// Global count variable:
let count = 0;

// Change code below this line
function listener () {

store.subscribe (listener);
// Change code above this line

store.dispatch({type: ADD});
store.dispatch({type: ADD});
store.dispatch({type: ADD});
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Challenge: Register a Store Listener

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That’s just whitespace before subscribe and parenthesis, removing it makes test pass.

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