I have enough points on stack to downvote!

Random humblebrag. All CAPS (edit - I did the title in all caps but someone’s back end filtered it, nicely done) and three exclams (also filtered - very nice) to emphasize the silliness. When I started learning code and begging strangers to help with my (usually super-basic) problems I never imagined I would actually help other people. And generally I don’t because I can’t because I don’t know that much … yet. But I’m leaps and bounds above three years ago, and I have helped people, and someone’s algorithm has tragically concluded that my feedback is worthy of consideration. That’s all.

If you reply please include a cat or doge GIF.

Heck, I’ve been using StackOverflow for something like a decade, and I don’t think that I can vote on replies.

This is Bandit. He is very proud of you.

+ very cute
- still image, not a GIF

The forum won’t animate gifs in posts.

(edit: Huh, it does for some. Didn’t animate the last few I tried. Maybe it just doesn’t like me.)

Freaking adorable. But my reply must be over 20 characters. How many is this?