I have finished the first certification ehat is next?

I have studied 300 hours.
I have done all the projects myself without any error for the first certification.
I have started studying JS.
How should I study and how long?
Any resources?

I suggest that you continue doing the curriculum in order. As questions arise, use other resources that you find to help you figure it out.

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HI @erdldncr!

For the Regular expressions section, I used Regex101

For both algorithm sections, I used MDN docs alot

For extra practice with algorithms I started doing Codewars 8kyu(beginner) problems and leetcode

The goal is to get a basic understanding not mastery of the topics.
Comfortability with these concepts comes with time and practice.
If you understand the challenge then move onto the next one.
If not spend extra time on it, do more research and ask questions.

How long really depends on your schedule.

Some people have 1-2 hours a day to study.
Some have 3-4 hours a day.
Some have 7-8+ hours a day.

The key is to have smart productive study sessions.

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Thank you very much. I study 5 hours a day.