I have just faced Multiline strings issue in challenge, How Can I solve it?

Hello folks, I hope you are doing well
I have been leaning Javascript on https://learnjavascript.online for a while when I learned String methods I have faced this problem, moreover I have been trying to solve it for 2 hours but every time the same error even though I tried many tries

could you help me with this challenge?

function getMultilineString(name) {
//move “are so powerful!” to a new line in the same string

return "Template strings" + 
 "are so powerful!";


//sample usage
--------------------------------error -------------------------------------

  • contains new line before ‘are so powerful’

Expected uses backtick and has a new line in the correct position to be equal to true but got false

You are using a template literal, so you can put the words are so powerful! within the template literal on a separate line and delete the following:

"are so powerful!";

Would you like to explain more, because I did not catch your answer

`string text ${expression} string text`

or in your case

`string text 
string text`