I have just finished my portfolio page

this is my portfolio page i will appreciate your feedback

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Generally it’s good. The only bad thing I guess is the hovered color of the links(twitter,github,…), also you can make them to open in new page giving them target="_blank".


I agree with the bit about the links. Why don’t you add icons to the links as well.

Also, the oval picture of your face doesn’t really stand out from the background. Maybe you can play around with the opacity of the background as well as a box-shadow around the image to give it a little distinction.

It would look nice if the oval picture were centered vertically with the text box to the right of it.

Update: I think this text should be sans-serif or an easier-to-read font:

Accomplished web designer & front-end developer with extensive experience building fantastic websites driven by HTML5, CSS3 and various…

Faculty of engineering , Assiut universty Associate of Applied Science and Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering

(X)HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Python, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL

Layout Design, Bootstrap themes design, Custom Theme Development, Plugin Development, Application Development, PSD to HTML, Web development, Custom Facebook Pages

Sublime text, Atom, Linux ubuntu, Pycharm


thanks for your advice
i appreciate that

My criticism would be that I find the background images a bit busy and distracting. You could use a transparent mask to reduce the contrast, and it would also make the text more legible. Also adding some simple transitions to your links to sections of the page would be neat. Overall great job and far better than mine!