I have learned HTML & CSS sass i don't know what to do

I have learned HTML & CSS sass, I can convert someone else design in CSS sass, but I don’t know how to build my own project tell me what should I do guide me, please

first you should decide what you want to build - do you have any idea?
then you will need pen and paper to come up with a mock-up of the look of the page
then you can try realising this mock-up, actually coding it

at any time you may need to go back to a previous step and change something


thank you for your important time is there any best mock-up app or online website. because I don’t know how to use a pen

you just put the tip on the paper and move it, the ink will pass to the paper leaving lines behind

anyway, any drawing program, even Paint, can be used to create a basic drawing of the page you want to create
if you want something a bit more powerful, GIMP is free, even if not that really user friendly (it has a steep learning curve for familiarising with the interface)

but really, anything that will let you draw something is fine