I have made the Tribute Page assignment, love to get some feedback

Hey CodeCampers,

I have finished my tribute page assignment.
To be fair I have made one before, but since I didn’t practice for weeks I just restarted the courses and made the assignment again.

I’d love to hear from you guys if I did an ok job, what I need to improve etc.
Also I’d like to know if my way of getting content centered through the grid system is ok or not done at all.

Thanks in advance,


Hey Sven,
I really like your tribute page.

Very good use of lists with headers to mark a clear separation between the different groups of items.

Good choice of colours and a good choice of items to list too, as albums are usually presented in a list.
So when a user sees that, it gives them a sense of familiarity. Hence, they connect readily to your work.

Great quote too! Also applies to writing code. Don’t ya think?

Keep pressing on brother.

  • Jermaine

I am brand new as well, but I really like your page. It is very clean.

Thanks @jwelmac and @RossSlane for the kind words!


You are most welcome.