I have problem with JavaScript lesson

Hi guys! I have problem with Basic JavaScript lesson.

When i click run test it doesn’t work.
i tried other lessons and it works, just on this lesson doesn’t work.

you get an “unexpected token” error, and if you notice it points to the var keyword after the assignment operator
that’s because you can’t use the var keyword after the assignment operator

plus you totally ignored the “only change code below this line”
in this challenge you shouldn’t be using the var keyword yourself, the variables are already declared with var in the setup (which you shouldn’t change? and you need to declare a variable with var only once


Hi Miso!
Welcome to freeCodeCamp!
Do you see the red line under the keyword var on line 3? This means there is an error. Firstly the variable a has already been created on line 2 and has been assigned the value of 7. Secondly you cannot assign variable b contents of a by typing var a. You simply have to type:
var b = a

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thanks i saw the error and corrected it