I have so much to cover and have so less time

If you have decided to have a look on this, thank you! Please bear with me coz this is gonna be a li’l long.
I am an undergraduate comp science student, presently in fourth semester, I know front-end web dev and have began diving into back-end a few weeks ago. I have been doing a lot of study about the various comp science disciplines in the last few months in order to pick those which I would pursue to expertise. Finally after a lot of research, I have decided to go for software development (web dev included). People here around me say that it won’t be good to stay confined to soft dev (and web dev) alone and that I should study for a few other streams too viz data science, machine learning, android etc.
I have the curiosity to learn and comp science had been my teenage passion! But I have continuously failed in distributing time and covering things wholly. I can clearly see I have to go a long long way to achieve the dreams I have for myself. And what makes it worst is that I have only four more semesters left in hand with my bachelor’s degree and then I would have to sit in placements (if I fail to crack the entrance for master’s degree).
I don’t know if I have been able to explain my situation clearly. But if you have had a rough idea reading this and have anything to say thereafter, then please respond to this.

Well sounds like what you want to cover is a rather large in scope. It is important to recognize the opportunity cost of everything you want to cover is quite high and you may want to consolidate onto something that can apply to multiple interests like javascript for example, has many popular options for desktop(electron), mobile (phonegaps, cordova, react native) data science (json, databases).


I don’t know what hte requirements are for your placement tests or getting into a masters program, but as far as learnign all those things, don’t expect to master it all in a 4 year degree. Learning is lifelong and webdev especially is constantly changing. If you can learn HOW to learn and learn the basic hooks/ computer science essentials that you can then base future learning on, you can keep on learnign after you finish your bchelors and masters.

It’s all good…enjoy and choose a broad enough base to be able to go a few directions in the future. 4th semester is way to young to worry about a narrow specialization IMO