I have some doubts with the third challenge (product landing page)

Tell us what’s happening:

  • Should I make the website of an already existing site or create a random name and product?

  • If it should be random… from where will I get an image to add in the header?(any suggestions)

  • also not sure about which YouTube video to use…

Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

Link to the challenge:

Try and come up with something. For instance, an Indian cuisine restaurant, a cricket bat, a nose hair clipper. Just have fun.

Google for an image that kind of matches what you’re doing. You can just have an initial if that’s what you want. It’s not a real page so again, have fun with it.

Put in a vid of a song by Queen if you want. There are a ton of youtube vids out there. You’ll probably find one that relates to whatever you decide your “product” will be.

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What i did is, since i do some digital drawing, i made up a site serving digital arwotks. I used some of my drawings as images and i found a video of an artist showing process of digital painting and used it.
For a random images you can use wiki database which is very large and free to use

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