I have some question.....?

Is anyone can recommend me - the best place online or knows whos on youtube do this the best … etc. - where beautifully I can learn a Python, Swift, Ruby … in the easy and clear way?
Its so bad that I cant do this here on freecodecamp :frowning:
FCC should include some more programming languages, too.
Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

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Hi @Kinga,

Focused Answer:
There is a bunch of places to get started, but since I like to dive into languages and try to figure out by myself some demand problems, the best place I found to practice and learn was exercism.io. There are lots of language-based tracks, focusing on Test Development Driven with voluntary mentoring, and I felt a big relief when I found this. So, I’m doing Python Track, and already volunteered to help other Python students, and you can do the same when getting comfortable! For me, it’s way better to program something and learn with experienced guys that could review my code and give me some tips to enhance it.

But if you really want good places to get the theory, you should search over FCC youtube, and some top free sources for those specific languages you want to learn.

My real tip is, try to focus one of those languages to get started and get better and better over this until u feel it’s alright and move on to advanced stuff or maybe other techies.

My feelings:
I understand you so much, had this same feeling when I started the FCC full stack track. I used to develop for the web using Python and for some reason if I wish to finish my certifications here, I should study node and other JS based Languages and had not that much choice. But yeah, it’s okay since FCC depends on other people knowledge and time to contribute, I could get it.

But yeah, wish my thoughts could help you!

For python and many other things, go to academind.com/learn/. There’s no ruby or swift, but there’s python, php, node.js (those are the only server-side languages), and lots of other stuff. It’s been a great place to learn things for me, and I would recommend that website. It’s mostly videos, but some have articles too. It’s all free, but you can buy their courses if you want to dive into a certain topic.

I haven’t tried exercism, but it looks interesting and it has tons of languages.

Hi @Kinga , i have been doing python from last 2 months and had also able to grab a certificate in python with 95% of marks and woyld consider myself to answer ur question…
I highly recommend you to watch corey schaufer videos on youtube , he creates an excellent stuff on python and i can promise u won’t get dissapointed. And also Telusko channel on youtube .they both are one of my favourite channels when it comes to python specially …hope it helps😊