I have some weird "border" around my element that I can't get rid of. What causes it?

I have some weird “border” around my element that I can’t get rid of (pointed at by a red arrow in the picture below). I know for sure it’s not a border per se (if I include a border, it wraps my gray quasi-border), and I also know that it’s not the image’s fault (I tried removing it and replacing with a picture from a non-problematic tile). What causes it? Here’s a runnable pen

does it have something to do with the inherited properties of the .project-tile?

It is caused by the missing alt attribute on the img element. I assume it is some sort of placeholder for if the image doesn’t load and there is no alt text.

Edit: Actually I guess it is because it is an img element but you are using it as an element for a background image. If you want it to be an img it should have a source, if you want it to be a background use a different element type.

Here is a possible better explanation.

The browser is expecting a src value on the img element. As it does not have a source it is seen as empty. As it has no alt text a border is shown instead. You are adding/overlaying a background image on an empty img element.

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Why is there no border inside other tiles?

Because you are not using an img element for the other images, you are using divs.

Thank you! You were right. Did I understand you correctly that <img> includes that gray border by default unless there’s src and/or alt attributes specified? I can’t say it’s very intuitive

That <img>, by the way, wasn’t there on purpose. I initially had <img>s everywhere but then decided to opt for <div>s with background-image. I forgot to make that replacement there

Yes, you got it right.

It might not be obvious to the developer unless they know about it but it is a feature to help the user. I think it makes sense to have a visual indicator for images that do not load.

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