I have two tables, i want them to appear side by side on a full screen and one above another in mobile screen (Bootstrap). Please help!

been trying to make an e-comm website as a project in which i want to show two categories with different products lined-up under each. i want both the category tables to appear side by side in a table view while above each other in mobile view. i understand all the basics of bootstrap, html, css so feel free to share the solution. Thanks.

Hi @krma36,

Please add a link to your project (for example a pen on Codepen.io). It´s hard to help without seeing your code :nerd_face:

hey @jjberg83
Given is the GitHub link of my project. In the main body in index.html and CSS (styles.css), I have specified a certain section as “category 2”, kindly refer to that as that is the section of the given problem.
GitHub link- https://github.com/dhaval-machhar/NodeJs
Thank You.

By reading your question, it appears you can use “grid” or “flexbox”. It will help you to stack up the boxes side-by-side or upside-down.

Can you share the link of live website (of GitHub only)?

Thank you.