I have two websites would like some feedback on I made them with Astra theme WordPress elementor

The first website is www.thefactordriver.com I want to make also a lms course on helping Uber drivers out any advice that would be great. I was thinking about using lifter lms. This website is about driving for Uber.
The other website is www.studiowebsitenow.com about designing websites for people.

Hi there, I thought I’d give a quick peek before going to bed so I only looked at thefactordriver website. Here are some thoughts :slight_smile:
The design is really clean and the color scheme works well.
On the first page the white background of the screenshot drops into the white background of the website, which feels a little awkward.
The start now/sign up buttons are below the fold (at least on my computer), so you don’t see them until you scroll down. If the idea is to get people to join, they shouldn’t have to search for those buttons.
The blue-white gradient is very drastic in about/courses. This could just be personal preferences, but it makes it harder to read the text near the end.
Personally I’d like it better if all the images in courses were the same size :slight_smile: They are all slightly different and they stagger.
The responsiveness worked really well on everything but the shop page, that one when my browser was smallest, the sorting dropbar overlapped the ‘showing 2 results’ message.

Overall I really like the use of white space, and how clean the design looks, and even the font choices I think are fantastic :slight_smile:
But I’m just a newbie developer :wink: not an expert, so take my feedback with a grain of salt :slight_smile: Great job!