I haven't been able to log into FCC in about a year

Hi everyone, I have had a freecodecamp account for as long as I can remember but a little over a year ago I stopped being able to log into it. I don’t know exactly what’s wrong but whether I use my Google Auth, GitHub Auth, or even have FCC email me a login code, I always get redirected to the homepage with a banner that says “oops! Something went wrong. Please try again in a moment”.

I am using Google Chrome, and have tried incognito mode with no extensions enabled. This has been going on since the start of the pandemic but I can’t access my account even to this day. I also am not using a VPN.

How can I get myself to log in? I imagine Chrome is supported but either way even on my PC with a brand new install of Windows with a new install of Firefox (specifically to test it there as well) I still cannot log in. Not with my Win10 PC with Chrome or Firefox, not via my Linux laptop with Chrome or Firefox, and not with my Chromebook with Chrome.

I have looked in the dev console and there are no errors, network tab shows no 404s or 500s etc. I can’t imagine this is a server error considering this has been an ongoing issue for over a year now.

Could my account be suspended/banned for some reason? (I can’t imagine it would be since I don’t think I’ve ever interacted with any of the forums until now).

Thanks for any suggestions. I would love to get back to tracking my progress.

If you are unable to log in or keep getting “we cannot reach the server…” it may be that you have a duplicated account. To solve this issue you will need to write to support@freecodecamp.org.

Find more support FAQ’s here:

Thank you Ilenia, support resolved it for me!

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