I Just Can't Register At ALL

Well, I just can’t register a new account, I’m new and I come from Algeria,
I have of course tried all the four buttons But nothing happens at all ?
Any help fellow devs ?

What happens when you try to register?
What browser are you using and what version is it?

absolutly nothing I’m on chrome latest version
When I click nothing happens on any buttons
even with de email
on laptop and on mobile device both.

Could you try with a proxy service? In the past there have been issues with specific regions being unable to access our servers. I wonder if that has happened again.

ok I will try right away.

Nothing works, even the menu doesn’t work ?!

No one can help me ?
I can’t Register nothing works on this page

have you tried with a proxy? a different browser? a different computer?

var loginProblem = “solved”
Changed Browser+VPN

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Would you mind creating a GitHub Issue explaining what happened, including your location and ISP? Sometimes the team can resolve location-based blocking.

of course I will by tomorrow.