I just don't get what it means, please reply!

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  <h2>Cat Photos</h2> 
      <li> Child Element 1 </li>
      <li> Child Element 2</li>
      <li> Child Element 3</li>
  <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
  <p>Click here to view more cat photos.</p>
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Challenge: Step 6

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It’s really just asking you to move the three in the middle. Children are essentially the center of the element. The element in this case being the main. So bump over the three in middle two spaces. Hope it helps.

I’m still kinda confused; Sorry, I put them in the middle, but its not working.

move the three lines in the middle 2 spaces over.

three child elements of main like this:

element to move 2 spaces element to move 2 spaces element to move 2 spaces **

elements are <></> (a start tag “<>” and an end tag “</>”)
The HTML element is everything from the start tag to the end tag: in this case the element is main so the 3 lines in the center of that element need to be moved over two spaces each. Like the explanation says, we do this to clean the code.

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