I just finish my first project... feedback!

hello my friend :raising_hand_woman: it takes me a long time to finish this one and learn about the new thing in it and back to review my lessons … I am happy with the result …can you guys give me feedback about this project and how to improve it …here is my tribute page

have a great day everyone and happy coding :smiley: :v:

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It looks pretty good.

  1. You have to be careful about text contrast. The color of the text at the bottom and the background color are making it hard to read.

  2. You should use margin-bottom on the li instead of <br> tags.

  3. img-align is not a valid CSS property.

  4. img-div and headline1 are not a valid selectors, they should be id selectors (#selectorName)

Good job, keep it up.

Your page looks good @Maryam2031. In addition to the aforementioned, something else to revisit;